CJ 3
Fondazione Prada, Milano Osservatorio:
Surrogati. Un amore ideale

February 21 — July 22, 2019

Comprising a selection of 22 works Surrogate. A Love Ideal explores the notions of familial, romantic and sexual love. The exhibition focuses on a specific and unconventional aspect of this universal theme: the emotional link between a man or a woman and a synthetic representation of a human. Still Lovers (2001-04), is Dorfman’s series that focuses on the domestic lives of men and women who devote themselves to lifesize, anatomically realistic sex dolls. The photographs explore the emotional ties between humans and perfectly formed synthetic women, forcing us to evaluate our own notions of love and the value of an object that has the power to replace a human being. The artist’s interest was not to exploit the deviancy of these sexual surrogates, but rather to reveal the fascinating world of intimacy between flesh and silicone.

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